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It’s a cliche that we spend 1/3 of our lives in bed, but it’s true. That’s why we invest in mattresses that support our backs and the best sheets that allow us to sleep in comfort and luxury. The best Egyptian cotton sheets are the pinnacle of luxury sleeping, with a reputation for being the softest and toughest sheets you can buy.

Americans are spending more and more time on the job and less time on vacation. When you climb into bed at night, you want to be held in warmth and comfort, but let’s face it: good sheets are expensive. They are an investment in comfort and sleep. Buying good sheets that last also keeps you from buying bad sheets that tear up easily over and over.

But, What Is Egyptian Cotton?

Egyptian cotton is cotton that is derived from the plant species Gossypium Barbadense. While it’s true that it’s the same plant species that Pima cotton is derived from, the climate in Egypt produces longer fibers than anywhere else in the world.  The expensive Egyptian cotton we’re talking about is also known as “extra long staple” or ELS cotton. Very little of this type of cotton is produced, so many sheet sets that state that they are “Egyptian cotton” may very well be made from cotton grown in Egypt, but it may not be ELS cotton.

What is Pima Cotton? Supima Cotton?

Pima cotton is ELS cotton that is grown in the United States instead of Egypt. Supima is a brand name of Pima cotton grown in the southwestern United States.  It is typically considered to be nearly as high quality as Egyptian extra long staple cotton. Pima cotton sheets are less expensive than sheets made from Egyptian cotton but are comparable enough to justify purchasing them if you’re on a budget. We have a complete guide on this topic here.

What About All of those ‘100% Cotton’ Sheets?

Sheets that are advertised as being made of 100% cotton are likely made of cheaper American Upland cotton and are lesser quality than either Pima or Egyptian ELS.

What’s This Giza 45 Stuff?

Giza 45 is the highest quality cotton that you can buy; single sheets made of it can cost over $500. We currently don’t have those sheet sets featured on the site, but they are coming soon. If you would like to check out actual Giza 45 Egyptian Cotton Sheets, Click Here.

Why Does Fiber Length Matter?

The reason it matters is due to how the final product feels. Because the fibers are longer, the final product is capable of producing a higher thread count and creating a stronger weave. The fibers are long and don’t stick out of the weave easily and that produces a softer sheet.

The longer fibers mean you are getting higher quality cotton sheets or other Egyptian cotton or ELS fabrics overall.

What About Thread Count?

Thread count below 200 isn’t something we would recommend, but high thread counts such as over 800 aren’t an indicator of quality. Don’t be deceived by sheets that have a high thread count as their only source of quality claims. If thread count is hyped on a set, steer clear.

So, What Should I Buy?

So how do you decide where to spend your money? It’s a balance between budget and comfort. Take a look at our top picks below for every budget and style.

malouf 600 thread count egyptian cotton sheets

Malouf Egyptian Cotton Sheets - 600 Thread Count in Percale Weave

This sheet set from MALOUF is a classic example of top quality Egyptian Cotton Sheets.  The 600 thread count set comes in ivory, white, chocolate, khaki, slate, and silver sage, and the king set includes a fitted sheet: 78″x80″, a flat sheet: 118″x106″, and two pillowcases: 22″x42″.  The fitted sheet has up to a 22” pocket depth.

They’re a bit stiff once they arrive, but Egyptian cotton gets a little softer with each wash, so expect to wash these a couple of times before they’re as comfy as they should be. They’re definitely a heavy sheet, but they’ll keep you cooler at night than many other sheet sets.

Weave Type: Percale

Colors Available: White, Silver Sage, Slate, Ivory, Khaki, Chocolate

malouf 400 thread count egyptian cotton sheets

Malouf Italian-Woven Egyptian Cotton Sheet Sets - 400 Thread Count Artisan

This next set from MALOUF is an example of some of the highest quality sheets that you can purchase at such a low thread count, which speaks highly of quality fibers, and they’re packaged to be perfect as a gift.

They are the best Italian made sheet sets, where most real Egyptian sheets are made.

You’ll never want for a better set of sheets for years to come due to its amazing durability and comfort. They’re also inspected by hand, so you know they’re certified high end.

The 400 thread count set comes in ivory and white.

Weave Type: Percale

Colors Available: White, Ivory

sferra egyptian cotton sheets

Sferra Grande Hotel Sheet Set

Sferra is a high-end name brand when you’re talking about the most sought after Egyptian cotton sheets today. This is the brand used in 5-star hotels worldwide and you definitely can’t go wrong with them.

Note: Sferra is the only brand we feature that has sheets made from the coveted Giza 45 Egyptian Cotton. You can see their Giza 45 line by clicking here.

They are soft and extra long lasting, standing up to the washing cycles forced on these fabrics as they are laundered daily and still last for years.

When a product is tested and kept by major luxury hotels, you know you’ve got a winner in both comfort and style. This has been the go to product for decade after decade. You can always feel confident that you are getting one of the best quality sheet sets made of Egyptian cotton.

They’re available in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King.

Weave Type: Percale

Colors Available: White

thomas gene 1000 thread count egyptian cotton sheets

Thomas Gene 1,000 Thread Count

These Thomas Gene 1,000 thread count sheets come in white and charcoal.  The packaging on these sheets is elegant and comes wrapped in ribbon; don’t be afraid to give yourself the gift of these sheets! These sheets scream quality from the rooftops and you won’t find many other sets that put this much effort into their presentation; they’re one of the only sets we’ve seen that are packaged like this. Many of the others we’ve found were simply wrapped in plastic.

If you want something that’s quality and comfort on your bed, there are a lot of Egyptian cotton sheets that will do, but if you also want something beautiful, these are the ones to go with. This Thomas Gene SET Includes 1 Flat Sheet 108” x 102” 1 Fitted Sheet 78” x 80” with Extra Deep Pockets Measuring 18 in depth and 2 Pillow Cases at 21×40.

Weave Type: Sateen

Colors Available: White, Charcoal

vivendi egyptian cotton

Vivendi 600 Thread Count

This Vivendi sheet set is made for those with high standards.  These sheets will get softer and more comfortable with every wash and use and are machine washable and dryable.  Single ply yarns are used for these 1000 thread count sheets for a perfect texture.

These sheets will fit comfortably on a 17” deep mattress; while they will technically fit an 18” deep mattress, they will be tight. For a very smooth sleeping experience, iron these sheets just out of the dryer.

Weave Type: Sateen

Colors Available: White, Ivory, Light Blue, Charcoal Grey, Silver Grey

American Pillowcase 540 thread count sateen sheets

American Pillowcase 540 Thread Count

These 600 thread count, 100% percent Egyptian cotton sheets from American Pillowcase are simply beautiful.  They come in multiple colors, but it doesn’t matter which one you pick, because what you’re purchasing is simple elegance. The set is wrinkle-resistant and has matching sham and duvet covers that are sold separately.

For additional quality protection, make sure when you purchase American Pillowcase products, “sold by” says American Pillowcase or else they may be counterfeit.

The deep pocket fitted sheet will fit a mattress up to 18” deep.  The set includes a fitted sheet, flat sheet, and four pillowcases, a great value. The fitted sheet is 60”x80”, the flat sheet is 90”x102”, and the pillow cases are 21”x32”.

Weave Type: Sateen

Colors Available: White, ivory, chocolate, grey, light blue

deluxe egyptian sheets size twin

Deluxe Italian Sheets 200 Thread Count

This deluxe set of sheets is 100% made in Italy and are made of 100% Egyptian cotton in a percale weave style. Their deep pockets are guaranteed to fit any bed between 6” and 22” thick. Included is one fitted sheet, one flat sheet, and one pillow case. Additional pillow cases are sold separately. Available in twin, twin xl, full, queen, king, and california king.

Weave Type: Percale

Colors Available: White, ivory

dream fit 4

DreamFit 4-Degree 400 Thread Count

For something a cut above the rest, choose this Dream Fit 400 thread count Egyptian cotton sheet set.  100% Premium, imported, single ply Egyptian cotton is used to make the perfect sheet set.  The full sheet set includes one over-sized flat sheet that measures 94″ x 110″, one fitted sheet, and two pillowcases.  The deep pocket sheets will fit mattresses up to 22” thick.

Weave Type: Sateen

Colors Available: Champagne, Twilight, Truffle, Snow


Exceptional Sheets 1000 Thread Count

Normally quality Egyptian cotton sheets come in demure and elegant colors, but Exceptional Sheets knows that quality is something that belongs in bold colors too!  These 1000 thread count sheets come in quite a few different colors listed below.  They are perfect for bold bedrooms and those who love rich colors.  Available in full, queen, king, and california king, just pick your bed size and let your personality show.

Weave Type: Sateen

Colors Available: White, ivory, sage, sky blue, burgundy, taupe, plum, grey, navy blue, medium blue

abripedic cotton sheet sets

Abripedic 300 Thread Count

Abripedic is responsible for these 300 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets. They’re not as high thread count as some other sheet sets on this list, but they’re great quality that you won’t be disappointed in. They’re also one of the only percale sheet sets listed here.

They are a beautiful ocean blue, and the deep pocket sheets fit a mattress up to 22 inches deep.  They’re more crisp than they are soft, but if you like crispy sheets, these will do you just fine.  The queen fitted sheet is 60”x80”, the flat sheet is 96”x106”, and the pillow cases are 20”x30”.

Weave Type: Percale

Colors Available: Periwinkle, celery, gold, white, gray, ivory, canvas

mayfair linen hotel collection 800 egyptian cotton sheets

Mayfair Linen Hotel Collection 800 Thread Count

It’s the details that matter.  Quality materials are nothing with out quality workmanship, and with these charcoal sheets from Mayfair, you get both. Be careful of counterfeits, though; some sellers claiming to be Mayfair may actually be shipping their fake products in from overseas. The “See Available Sizes” button below will take you to the real deal!

800 thread count is a step up from the standard along with the ability to fit mattresses that are you to 16” deep.  These sheets will last you for years, they’ll be softer with each wash, and they fit snugly. The queen size fitted sheet is 60”x80”, the flat sheet is 90”x102”, and the pillow cases are 20”x30”.

Weave Type: Sateen

Colors Available: White, Ivory, Dark Grey

chateau home collection 1000 thread count egyptian cotton sheets

Chateau Home Collection 1000 Thread Count

1,000 thread count sheets from Chateau Home Collection are certainly a treat.  In ivory, mint, or white, they offer you an elegant and soft sheet set.  The deep pocket fitted sheet will fit any mattress up to 15 inches.  When ordering these, make sure you check the “SOLD BY” seller name and see that it matches “Chateau Home”, because these products aren’t shipped internationally. Truly a high quality product!

Weave Type: Sateen

Colors Available: White, ivory, blue, lilac, silver

pinzon pleated egyptian cotton

Pinzon 400 Thread Count

Pinzon by Amazon hit the mark with this 400 thread count sheet set.  100% Egyptian cotton in a pleated hem lends softness and beauty to your bed; you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how soft they are.  All of the different colors available are shown in the image to the left.  These are great for your main bedroom or to impress company in a guest bedroom.  Like all quality Egyptian cotton sheets, this set will only get better with time and with a few washes.

Weave Type: Sateen

Colors Available: Cloud, mocha, parchment, sterling, truffle

tribeca living sateen deep pocket california king sheets

Tribeca Living Deep Pocket 600 Thread Count

A set of 600 thread count silver sheets in California King size. With fabric of amazing quality and a fine sateen weave, Tribeca Living brand sheets won’t let you down. Fits a 24 inch thick mattress and comes with 4 pillow cases instead of the standard 2.

Weave Type: Sateen

Colors Available: Silver, Grey

New york rainbow sateen white queen cotton sheets

New York Rainbow 24 Inch Deep Pocket 400 Thread Count

These soft, 400 thread count sheets from New York Rainbow are some of the best sateen Egyptian cotton sheet sets out there right now.

They’re available in twin, twin xl, full, queen, short queen, olympic queen, king, and california king. The pockets are deep, so no worries if you have a thick mattress!

Weave Type: Sateen

Colors Available: Black, White, Ivory, Sage, Pink, Brick Red, Wine, Mocha, Lilac, Gold, Taupe, Baby Blue, Peach, Chocolate, Navy Blue, Purple, Olive, Aqua Blue, Blood Red, Egyptian Blue, Elephant Grey, Hot-Pink, Parrot Green, Silver Greygrey, hot pink, parrot green, silver grey

cifelli 450 tc king egyptian cotton sheets

Cifelli Home Deep Pocket 450 Thread Count

A beautiful set of 450 thread count sateen weave sheets with a true damask stripe pattern is waiting for you. The colors available are stunning and fit any bedroom, whether the color scheme is bright or neutral. Available in twin, twin xl, full, queen, king, and california king, just pick your bed size and don’t worry about not having enough pillow cases: this set comes with four!

Weave Type: Sateen

Colors Available: Orchid


Giza Dreams My Pillow 400 Thread Count

The inventor of My Pillow also saw fit to have his own sheets made. These sheets are made of some of the highest quality cotton available, Giza 88 cotton, and are a rare find indeed. Available in twin, full, queen, king, and california king. It’ll fit perfectly with your My Pillow!

Weave Type: Sateen

Colors Available: white, ivory, sage, blue, taupe, gray


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