Top Ways to Clean Pima Cotton

There’s a large science behind sleeping and rest, especially since we sleep for an average of 1/3rd of our lives. As such, we need bed sheets that withstand years of tossing, turning, and enjoyable sleep. Unfortunately, that also means that these sheets, regardless of their durability, will gain some unwanted additions. There will be dirt, sweat, dust mites, and stains that may plague your beautiful Pima cotton sheets.

There are many ways to keep this from happening. Whether it’s with soap and water or taking them to professional cleaners, Pima cotton can be difficult to clean if you wait too long. The stains can be lifted, but some can be more difficult to others. Upkeep of your sheets must be a top priority if you want to make your sheets last for years.

While taking them to professional cleaners is likely the easiest way, this can be time consuming and it could very well take over a day! You don’t want to sleep on a naked mattress, so you should learn how to take care of them, yourself. Luckily for you, this list of different ways to care and clean your sheets will be everything you need to know!

How do you wash Pima cotton?

Pima cotton and Egyptian cotton are luxurious, yet durable cloth. While they may be soft and pleasant to sleep in, as said above, they will eventually gain some dirtiness and odors that you’ll want to get out. It is always wise to follow the manufacturer’s warnings and information on the tags, but there are some common, sure-fire ways to clean your luxurious bed sheets without ruining them. Keep in mind that not all bedding sets can washed in the machines. Never assume that you can wash them or dry them in machines!

Cotton can be washed in multiple ways, and all of this applies to any cotton, whether it’s Pima cotton, Egyptian cotton, American upland, or blends of it. It depends on thread counts and the materials that you use, but each one of these methods is proven to work well enough to handle the toughest stains or odors. If they have set in a long time, it may be a bit tougher and some of these methods may need to be repeated.

New Sheets

If you’re the proud new owner of Egyptian cotton or Pima cotton bed sheets, you may want to put them in the wash to begin with. Take them out of the packaging and place them in the washing machine if the manufacturer allows it. Instead of washing them with detergent, switch it out for baking soda. One cup of baking soda should be fine. Add a cup of white vinegar when your machine gets to the rinsing cycle.

new pima cotton sheets

These cleaning agents will get all of the manufacturer chemicals out of your new sheets and will increase the softness as if they have been well-used from sleep. After all, a well-used set of bed sheets is better than stiff ones!


Basic Cleaningwashing egyptian cotton

While not all bedding and bed sheets are not machine washable, most cotton is. First and foremost, check the tag and manufacturer’s instructions. Depending on your washer’s size, it’s wise to wash your bed sheets by themselves—don’t combine them with you garments or other bed sheets. Things attached to your garments, like buttons, hooks, or Velcro can easily tear your sheets if they get caught on these objects.

When washing your sheets, keep in mind that cotton is a natural fiber, so it is sensitive to heat. This means that you should never wash your cotton on high heat. The increased temperature will damage the cotton beyond repair, causing it to pill and wrinkle more easily, and possibly tear more easily. Medium heat or even cold temperature wash will be most beneficial for your sheets.

The wash should be set on a gentle setting, considering that Pima and Egyptian sheets, while durable, are also rather delicate. Even though it will be gentle with the sheets, you can be sure that your bed set will be cleaned thoroughly, especially if you use some great detergent.


Drying them is a different story. While machine drying can be done, it is recommended to hang them up and air-dry. If you must machine dry them, be sure to put it on the lowest setting and tumble-dry if possible. These sheets must not go over 105 degrees, or it could ruin them. Once they’re finished, be sure to take them out and apply them to your bed immediately to avoid wrinkling.

It has been said that throwing in a couple of dry towels will dry your sheets quicker and you will be able to take them out faster. Add some dryer sheets or fabric softener sheets to your drying sheets and they will come out as good as new, if not better.

Advanced Cleaning

If you really want the best clean you can get, you can add more cleaning agents to the wash. Oxygen bleach is a great choice if your cotton sheets aren’t dyed with color. Choices like OxyClean, Charlie’s Soap, or Nellie’s Bleach Brightener are great and can be used with cleaning your Egyptian and Pima cotton.

Clothes lines are the best way to dry your sheets. Even though it may hang outside, it will carry a wonderful, natural fresh-air scent that will fill your bedroom with livelihood. Air-drying your sheets is a great decision, especially if your sheets are a higher thread count. It will assist in the softness of your bed sheets.

egyptian cotton clean

If you’re wondering about if you can iron your Pima cotton and Egyptian cotton sheets or not, you most certainly can. Be sure to put the clothes iron on its lowest setting. Cotton can be ruined by high temperatures! Do not let it sit on the cotton for an extended period of time, but ironing is something you can do.

Finally, if you’re unsure about any of it and want to keep the longevity of your cotton sheets, make sure you bring them to a professional cleaner. While they may be somewhat pricey at times, it will guarantee your sheets to last for the many years that they’re supposed to. You can be sure they’ll be treated with care where others may be unsure.

How do you get stains out of Pima cotton?

Stains are something that will happen, whether it’s sweat, blood, or possibly food. Some people may be a bit more romantic and accidentally get wine or coffee dripped onto their lovely Egyptian or Pima cotton. While we’re not judging, there are ways to get these stains out of your sheets. Don’t fear that you’ve ruined your luxurious cotton sheets because you wanted a little breakfast in bed!

how to get stains out of pima cotton


Don’t Panic! Just dab it out.

If something drips on your sheets, don’t panic. The first step in removing stains is to prevent them from happening. Get whatever has caused the stain out of the fabric as much as you can. Immediately get a cloth, wet it, and dab it to get the offending thing out of the material. Don’t push it in or scrub at it, considering it will only get deeper into the material.

The magic ingredient: baking soda!

After you’ve gotten as much of the discolored spot as you can, baking soda is the way to go. Get a small, soft-bristle brush and dab some baking soda onto the stain. With the brush, get some cold water and brush it in circular motions. Remember, don’t press down onto it too hard, because the stain might smear along the other fibers.

wash with baking soda

Brush through the stain and then put the sheets into the washing machine. Make sure the water is cool and the setting is gentle, as said above. The same rules apply. After it is washed thoroughly, you may want to put it through another rinse cycle with a cup of white vinegar, similarly to how you can soften your sheets. This will assist in taking the stain out of the sheets.

Oxygen Bleach is another choice.egyptian cotton bleach

While we talked about oxygen bleach for advanced washing of your sheets, don’t be afraid to focus some on the stain. If it comes in a powder form, you can do exactly what you did with the baking soda and sprinkle some on the offending spot. With a bit of water, lather it up on the sheet with a soft-thistle brush and work it as much as you can.

Finally, Salt!

Salt is another way to get out stains in a sheet. With their absorbent properties, it will pull the color from the spot and possibly take the stain up altogether. Sprinkle some onto the stain and work it around with the brush and with water and it should come up in a matter of time. You may need to repeat this as necessary, considering it may take some time to get up.


Professionals are always best.

If you’re unsure about anything, as said with the cleaning services, it goes with this option as well. Take it to a professional! Some stains are very difficult to get out, and some can’t be lifted at all. Professional cleaners will always have access to special elements to clean your sheets for you. They know how to care for your clothing and bed sheets, so leave it in their hands.


There are many ways to clean your Pima cotton and Egyptian cotton. If your sheets aren’t dyed, oxygen bleach works better than most other cleaners. Use half of the recommended detergent, and make sure you set everything on its lowest setting! Make sure your washer is set with cold, gentle options and that your dryer is set to low heat or tumble dry.

If all else fails, go see a professional cleaner!