The Best Egyptian Cotton Blankets

There is no better reward at the end of a long and exhausting day than curling up on the bed with a nice warm blanket. The only thing that could possibly improve that experience is if the blanket is made of pure Egyptian cotton. Egyptian cotton is the single most comfortable fabric that you can have. It is the perfect meeting point of style, luxury, and above all comfort. If you go to a world class hotel then you can bet that the blankets are made from Egyptian cotton.

There is a misconception that Egyptian cotton is merely really good cotton with the word “Egyptian” slapped on it. Egyptian cotton is made from an entirely different plant than regular cotton. It is unique in that is a product of the Egyptian climate. The climate causes this plant to have a higher fiber count than any other cotton plant and it is stronger than any other cotton. This is exactly the kind of material you want an amazing blanket to be made from.

Here are the best Egyptian cotton blankets on the market.

Concierge Collection Egyptian Cotton Blanket

It needs to be said that not every blanket needs to be thick to be comfortable and warm. That is surely the case with this Concierge Collection piece. This blanket measures at 90” by 90” and will cover a Queen sized bed. It features a classical woven diagonal design that looks elegant and classy. This is the perfect blanket for the person who wants something lightweight, comfortable, and luxurious. If you are talking about taking five star hotel quality home then this is exactly what you want to have.

Color: Sage

Bellante Collection Egyptian Cotton Luxury Bed Blanket

If you want a blanket that is the cornerstone of style and comfort then you will be hard pressed to find something better than a blanket from the Bellante Collection. This beautiful blanket fits any bed. The twin sized model measures 66” wide by 90” long while the Queen/Full size measures 90″ by 90″ and King measures 102″ by 90″.  It also features a gorgeous pattern. It is also available in numerous colors such as white, ivory, gray, or blue. Best of all this blanket can be machine washed at home. This is definitely a mainstay for any home.

Egyptian Comfort Comforter

If there is one single style blanket that reigns above all it is definitely the comforter and this one definitely lives up to its name. This is a wonderful thick comforter that is everything you want a comforter to be. It features a 1200 thread count and measures out at 90” by 90” with a beautiful white stripe pattern. It does not get any better than this amazing comforter.

Lavish Home Chevron

One of the most popular patterns out there right now is chevron. Chevron is a wonderful pattern that manages to be both playful and elegant. That makes this blanket perfect for keeping warm while also being highly stylistic. It is totally machine washable and measures out at 90” by 60” so it is perfect for a Queen sized bed as well. This is a fantastic blanket that will last you a very long time and never go out of style.

Colors: Blue,Brick, Burgundy, Charcoal, Chocolate, Seafoam, Taupe.

Elegant Comfort 1200 Thread Count Comforter

This amazing comforter is another fine possibility to consider. With a thread count of 1200 you can be assured that it will be both durable and highly comfortable. It measures out to 90″ by 90″ and is fully hypo-allergenic. There is little else that you need in order to achieve the absolute best in comfort, luxury, and style.

Colors: Gray, White

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