Pima Vs Egyptian Cotton Shirts – What You Need To Know Before You Buy!

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for shirts, towels, blankets or any other products produced with Egyptian or Pima cotton, but stepping into this topic can get quite deep and confusing.

Prices will vary wildly, claims will be made and you still stand much greater odds of buying lesser quality if you are not armed with this knowledge before shopping and ultimately making a purchase.

If you do it right, you’ll be rewarded with a super high quality shirt or other product that will look good, feel even better and last a lifetime if you care for them properly and have a nice set of them such as 5 to 10 different shirts or other wearable garments.

Ready to get started?

Great, let’s dig in!

Egyptian Cotton: The Beautiful, The Impostors And The Consistency Solution

Let’s get to some facts.

  • To qualify as Egyptian cotton, it only has to have 5% Egyptian cotton in it.
  • Most Egyptian cotton is not the coveted Giza 45 Egyptian cotton that is so highly coveted
  • The highest quality cottons are known as ELS or extra long staple.
  • ELS cotton is what gives garments and sheets their extreme quality.
  • Less that 5% of exported Egyptian cotton is ELS cotton.

This means most of the cotton sold as Egyptian Cotton is sub par upland types of cotton compared to ELS, or the Higher grades of cottons. To make this simple, if your fabric is not of the Giza 45 strain, then you are likely buying a mix of shorter fiber cotton and who knows what you’ll end up with.

This is why we’ve already picked the quality brands in the sheets category. It’s hard to sort through to make sure you get actual quality instead of common cottons.

Pima Cotton: The Good and Bad In The Pima Cotton Market

There is no sense in going over this is great detail since we already have a complete guide to Pima Cotton. It’s an easy to read and through guide to help you understand everything about Pima Cotton, as well as other related cottons made from ELS cotton.


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