Your Guide to Tencel Sheets

What Are Tencel Sheets Actually Made Of

Tencel is becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to cotton. This is largely due to the fact that it is considered sustainable to produce and has a good all-around comfort level. However, it needs to be said that Tencel is simply a branded version of the synthetic fiber lyocell. Lyocell is a fiber that is constructed from reconstituted cellulose.

The fibers for Tencel come from eucalyptus trees. The fibers are made into yarn and then woften to create the fabric. Sometimes the Tencel will be blended with other natural fabrics such as hemp or wool.

In reality, Tencel is not that different than Bamboo sheets.

How To Buy Quality Tencel Sheets

If you want to buy Tencel sheets then you need to first understand that, as previously stated, Tencel is not really a type of material. It is a brand name that is owned by Lenzing AG, an Austrian textiles company. That means that any lyocell based fabric that you purchase will be of roughly the same quality. There may subtle variations between brands, but by and large you are buying the same thing.

In other words, if you can buy lyocell bedding at your local department store then you are just as well to stick with that.

Are Tencel Sheets Worth The Money?

If you are buying name brand Tencel sheets and are paying more money than you would on other similar lyocell based sheets, then no. You are overpaying for a product that does not really outperform its peers and as thus does not deserve the additional money that you are spending on it.

However, if you are asking if lyocell sheets in general are worth the money then the answer depends on what you are looking for. It needs to be said that lyocell sheets are significantly more expensive than a run of the mill cotton set that you would find in your local department store.

Lyocell sheets are relatively durable and do have a degree of breathability that you do not find in most synthetically produced bedding. However, they do not breathe quite as well as Egyptian cotton and you will find that it still has many of the drawbacks that tend to come with synthetic bedding such bamboo sheets.

Are Tencel Sheets Breathable?

Lyocell sheets are surprisingly breathable. This is a feat for synthetic based sheets, for sure. They breathe well, which means you do not have to worry about them trapping heat the way that normal synthetic sheets do. However, it does need to be said that these still are synthetic sheets which means that they do still trap heat.

The lyocell sheets are simply able to fend off that trapped heat thanks to the way that the fibers are woven. You are still left with Egyptian cotton as your best bet in terms of breathability.

Do Tencel Sheets Pill?

Almost any fabric is going to pill at some point and Tencel is no different. Because Tencel is a synthetic fiber, pilling is a problem because the strong fibers tend to hold onto the fuzzy balls and prevent them from falling off.

Pilling can be removed with a quality fabric shaver.

How To Wash Tencel Sheets

Washing synthetic sheets is always a bit of a hassle. In the case of lyocell sheeting you are going to need to utilize cold water as water that is too hot can warp or even totally damage the material. When you have to use a dryer make sure that you do so with the dryer on its lowest heat setting and remove them the moment that they are dry. You must never over dry them. It is also important that you never use bleach.