Best Egyptian Cotton Goose Down Pillows

A goose down pillow is one of the most comfortable kinds of pillows that you can have. They offer a level of comfort that is not found in regular quill carrying feathers and they are also quite luxurious.

Goose down pillows are becoming more and more popular as we find ourselves in a society that is more and more sleep deprived. People are flocking to them (no pun intended) in the hopes that they will be able to get a better night's rest.

The rise in sleep deprived people looking for a better solution in goose down pillows is mirrored by the rise in popularity of Egyptian cotton. Egyptian cotton has swiftly become popular among people who want and need a good night's sleep on a consistent basis.

Egyptian cotton offers that sleep in a way that no other material can.

When you take a pillow that is filled with goose down and pair it with being wrapped in Egyptian cotton you have an incredible team-up of two materials to create the most comfortable type of pillow that you can get.

Add in an Egyptian cotton blanket, and a set of sheets and the pillows and you are in for a sleep experience that could not possibly be matched by any other material.

What Makes Goose Down So Comfortable

When you think of a feather pillow you probably think of bulky, uncomfortable pillows with prickly quills that poke out. You probably think of a pillow that falls apart rather quickly. That is the reality of most feather pillows. This is because they are literally the feather portion. Down, on the other hand, is very different.

Down is the soft feather layer that lies under a bird's plumage that geese have to keep them warm and dry. Because down's primary function is to keep the bird warm and comfortable it does not have any of the undesirable prickly quills. This means that the pillow will be significantly softer than that of a regular feather pillow.

Why Egyptian Cotton Is So Comfortable

Egyptian cotton is well known for its comfort levels. It comes from Egypt and has longer fibers than any other cotton on the market, meaning that it is more durable and more comfortable than any other kind of bedding that you will find. The quality of sleep that you can get with Egyptian cotton vs. without Egyptian cotton is like night and day.

Understanding Percentages

It needs to be said that many pillows that use goose down do not necessarily use it for the totality of their bodies. Many companies will actually pair goose down with normal feathers. This may sound counter-intuitive for the overall comfort of the pillow but it can actually work in the pillow's (and your own) favor.

This is because the regular feathers are often used to simply add body and bulk to the pillow. The pillow is then given an additional layer of down in order to make the pillow softer for the user. This uses less of the precious material which keeps cost down for both you and the manufacturer. Now on to what you've been waiting for. Here are the best goose down Egyptian cotton pillows.

Basic Beyond King Size Set

Everyone loves a “two for the price of one” deal, and this amazing set of pillows from Basic Beyond is no exception!

Whether you like to have both pillows all to yourself or if you want to take one while your partner takes the other, you can enjoy some of the most comfortable pillows on the market.

The thing that makes this pillow set so desirable is the fact that it is designed to suit all types of sleepers and comfort levels. It is simply a fantastic all around pillow.

Millihome Dobby Stripe Pillow

This medium density pillow features a unique double layered fabric design. This fabric design is in place because the pillow does not feature 100% goose down filling. Instead it is padded with 90% goose feathers.

That padding is then wrapped in cotton material and then placed inside an Egyptian cotton wrapping and then stuffed with a layer of goose down. This creates a firm pillow with a soft layer of goose down for the user.

This way you still get a the benefits of no quills pricking you in your sleep along with the comfort of goose down without an excess of the precious material being used. This is perfect for people who are pragmatic at heart.

Egyptian Bedding Goose Down Pillow

If you want a firm, allergy free goose down Egyptian cotton pillow then look no further than this excellent option from Egyptian Bedding.

This king sized pillow is covered with 1200 thread count Egyptian cotton and filled with 90% goose down with only 10% being feathers.

This is a fantastic, simple, and elegant pillow that would work for anybody.

For some people it may seem silly to place such a high value on an item as common as a pillow but these days people need all the help that they can get on having a good, comfortable night's sleep. If you want to get the best out of your pillow then start by having the right pillow to begin with and go with an Egyptian cotton and goose down team-up.