Best Egyptian Cotton Pajamas for Men

Sleep is a very important cycle for everyone, sometimes even sacred among people. The average person spends approximately 1/3rd of their lives sleeping

Many people sleep in a variety of different sheets on their beds, but there’s another factor that can amplify your sleeping by quite a bit. Everyone knows it takes comfort to get some of the best sleep you’ve ever had. Egyptian and Pima cotton are the most comfortable materials out there.

Some people have different attires to sleep in, if any at all, but pajamas have been in circulation for hundreds of years now. Originally popularized by the British in the Victorian era, the definition of “pajama” has changed over the years.

They were once just lounging clothes, but now many people see them as clothes you wear to bed or to sleep.

One might think of pajamas as childish things, but they’re for all ages. For men, it’s important to look good and feel good. There are plenty of pajama sets out there that can not only make you look sexy, but they have to feel as good as they look.

Working hard day after day can put a damper on your mood, but having some nice, relaxing bed clothes can make all the difference. Combine a nice set of Egyptian cotton sheets with a nice set of pajamas and you are in for the sleep experience of a lifetime. You can see our vetted list of the best brands of Egyptian cotton sheets here after checking out the pajamas below.

There are some great sets of pajamas, but not many stand out farther than Egyptian cotton pajamas. Here are the best Egyptian cotton pajamas for men.

Lounge Pants for Men

After a long day at work, we need some comfortable clothes to change into for the rest of the night, whether lounging or going to bed. These lounge pants are perfect for a relaxing night in front of the television or computer to the point that it will feel like resting on a cloud. These are made with 100% combed Egyptian cotton and will feel incredibly comfortable at all times.

These Egyptian cotton pants are durable with an elastic closure at the top with a heavy knit of the long-staple cotton fibers. They come in multiple sizes and colors, making these some of the best pants to have when it comes to nightwear!

Colors: Chocolate, Dark Green, Caramel, Cinnamon, Ocean, White.

Terry Cloth Robe for Men

This Egyptian cotton robe is a great way to relax during the night. Made with 100% Egyptian cotton, this is the type of robe that you can find in 4 and 5-star hotels. It is quite thick and warm, but it will be a great addition to any nightwear set. It will surely keep you comfortable after a shower or swim in the pool, making it a great choice for anyone.

While it is a one size fits all, it is a larger robe that can fit most guys of average size. It has a terry cloth finish, giving it a similar feel of a towel for maximum moisture absorption. There are multiple colors, but you’d have to search them through since they aren’t listed. This robe comes in a cream color. It has a terry belt, two front patch pockets, and fold back sleeves.

Hanro V-Neck T-Shirt

While not particularly exciting, this V-neck shirt will be a wonderful addition to your pajama sets. Being light and comfortable, it is easy to enjoy a night at home or in bed with this shirt on. Crafted in the wonderful country of Switzerland, these 100% Egyptian cotton shirts will bring you enjoyment and comfort in the days ahead.

This V-neck shirt comes in white and can function as an undershirt as well. It is pure Egyptian cotton and comes in multiple sizes, from S to 2XL. It goes great with a soft pair of paints like the ones listed above, so get yours and make the best pair.

Maghso Egyptian Cotton Bathrobe

Even though it’s another robe, this Egyptian cotton nightwear will be a great addition to your wardrobe. The plush, absorbent qualities of this warm, thick robe will keep you in comfort for quite some time. This robe is featured a few times on this site because it is one of the best ones on the market. Maghso knows Egyptian cotton.

This robe is a one size fits all robe with long sleeves, two patch pockets, a shawl collar, and a tie belted waist. It is machine washable, but be wary and use gentle settings for your Egyptian cottons. It comes in multiple colors so you can have it suited to your liking.

Luxor Linens Giovanni Spa Set

Some of our houses have cold tiled or wooden floors that get rather chilly during the winter or during the summer when our air conditioners are going. This set of two spa outfits will be a wonderful addition to your nightwear, whether it’s after a warm shower or a cool swim. Wearing slippers around the house is a no-brainer, so you can be sure to enjoy a night before bed.

This spa set includes a wonderful waffle spa bathrobe to wear around the house, slippers to keep your feet warm, and a three-piece towel set to aid with drying off after a warm shower. The robe itself is one size fits most, measuring at 53 inches long and a horizontal sweep of 63 inches. The slippers have a non-skid sole so you don’t have to concern yourself with sliding around on your tile if you have some. All of it is 100% Egyptian cotton, too!