Egyptian Cotton Vs. Eczema

Eczema is one of the more infuriating afflictions that a person can deal with, especially when it comes time for bed. Eczema makes sleeping very difficult for people who suffer from it, and if an eczema sufferer has a partner they could have a hard time getting to sleep too. This leads many who suffer from eczema to try and find a material for their bedding that will not lead to a worsening of their condition.

Egyptian cotton has grown very popular among eczema sufferers for its unique qualities. It is a fantastic material that does not set off eczema symptoms the way that other bedding materials might. Here is a breakdown of why Egyptian cotton is a benefit to people who suffer through eczema and why Egyptian cotton bedding may be worth your consideration.

What is Egyptian Cotton?

Egyptian cotton is a very special type of cotton that is grown, as the name implies, in Egypt. It is considered to be, arguably, the finest material on the planet due to the fact that the Egyptian climate makes it totally unique from any other cotton available. This is because Egyptian cotton has significantly longer fibers than other cottons. Do not be fooled by marketing that claims a material is better because of thread count because it is actually thread/fiber length that makes all the difference in the comfort level of a material.


One of the most important traits that Egyptian cotton has is that it is incredibly breathable. A breathable fabric is perfect for someone who is dealing with eczema because that means that the sheet is less likely to be an irritant while they are trying to sleep.

The reason that Egyptian cotton is more breathable than other fabrics boils down to the fact that it has longer fibers and threads than other cottons. A higher fiber length leads to a more breathable overall fabric.

Another, often unmentioned, benefit of having Egyptian cotton sheets that breathe is that you are less likely to have to deal with sweat through the night. This is because the Egyptian cotton sheets will likely whisk the sweat away faster than your body is actually capable of producing it.

Less Irritating

In addition to the fact that Egyptian cotton is more breathable it needs to also be said that it is less of an irritant. With lesser quality cotton sheets you will often run into the problem of the sheets fraying or having a kind of fuzz on the surface. To a person who does not have to regularly deal with eczema this likely seems as though it is no big deal.

However, for a person who does have to deal with eczema these tiny puffs of fuzz can lead to a restless, irritating night. People with eczema have incredibly sensitive skin, so if even the slightest bit of frayed material is on that sheet they are not only likely to find it. Here is something that can help the buyer deal with such pilling.


One of the biggest problems that people who deal with eczema face is the fact that they rarely ever get to enjoy material that is actually cozy. This is because most duvets and sheets are treated with polyester or other irritants and those irritants rub up against the skin.

In the case of Egyptian cotton this is a non-issue because the threads in Egyptian cotton are so smooth compared to other materials. This means that the user is able to cozy up in their bedding without having to worry bout the surface of the bedding irritating their skin.