The Best Egyptian Cotton Bathrobes

When you start talking about fabric there are few as luxurious and comfortable as Egyptian cotton. There are many people who think Egyptian cotton is simply regular cotton with the word Egyptian slapped on the front but the truth is that it is far more than that. One of the most relaxing things you can have in your home is that of a bathrobe.

Now imagine taking all of the comfort of a bathrobe and amplifying it with the comfort of Egyptian cotton. You would have no reason to go anywhere anymore because you would simply stay home all day enjoying your bathrobe. Bathrobes occasionally have a bad reputation as being worn by people who are lazy but there will be no mistake made when you wear an Egyptian cotton robe. It is a luxurious item that is the epitome of comfort. Here are the five best Egyptian cotton bathrobes.

Unisex Terry-Cloth Robe

If you have a spouse and you have an Egyptian cotton robe, there are going to be some fights over it. More specifically there are going to be some fights over this Unisex Terry-Cloth Egyptian cotton robe because it easily fits a man or woman. It features all of the comfort that you want in a bathrobe while coming in an assortment of colors. You are going to want to buy more than one if you are going to be sharing with your spouse just to curb any potential arguments.


Colors Available: White, Ivory, Burgundy, Sage, Navy Blue, Pink, Black, Taupe, Lavender, Light Blue

Single Piece Luxurious Egyptian Cotton Unisex Medium Sage Robe

If you want a robe that is comfortable, tasteful, and stylish then this is definitely the one you want. This one hundred percent Egyptian cotton robe features a beautiful, relaxing sage color. This robe can be worn by men or women and features two pockets in the front for convenience. This is the perfect bath robe for anybody who wants to enjoy all of the comfort and luxury that Egyptian cotton has to offer.


Colors Available: Sage

Maghso Long Egyptian Cotton Bathrobe with Ivory Collar

If you want to have the epitome of elegance, luxury, and comfort then it does not get much better than this gorgeous robe. This is the perfect robe for anybody who is looking to have the best of luxury with a beautiful ivory color. If you want an elegant and comfortable robe then you must have this one.


Colors Available: Beige

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Gene Bathrobes

If you really want to ensure that your marriage is a happy one then there are few better investments than this His and Her Bathrobe set. With “Mr.” and “Mrs.” there will be no arguing over who has what robe at any given time. This means that you and your significant other will both be able to enjoy the same luxury and comfort that you would experience at a world class hotel without having to leave the house. Best of all the robes are one sized fits most.

Armani International Robe & Towel Set

If you are a single man looking to have a robe all to yourself then it does not get much more stylish or comfortable than this classy bathrobe and towel set by Armani International. In addition to how incredibly comfortable it is you never have to worry about ironing it. You simply hang it up and the wrinkles will take care of themselves. This is perfect for the single man or as a gift for your husband.

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