The Best Egyptian Cotton Duvet Covers

If there is one piece of your bedding that holds more clout than others it would be the duvet. The duvet sets the standard for the comfort of the rest of the bed. If you want to have the best possible duvet for your bed then it needs to be made of Egyptian Cotton.

Egyptian cotton is the finest material that you can get. If you go to a five start hotel then it is almost guaranteed that you will sleep on Egyptian cotton sheets, with Egyptian cotton blankets and/or duvets.

There are many people who think of Egyptian cotton as being nothing more than a fancy trade phrase. They think that it is nothing more than regular cotton with the word “Egyptian” slapped at the front to make it sound more exotic.

This could not be further from the truth. The Best Egyptian cotton sheets, which are made from ELS cotton are not made from the same species of plant as regular cotton. This plant is a special product of Egypt's climate that features a much longer fiber than regular cotton plants. This leads to the produced cotton having much longer fibers and therefore,  a higher durability rate.

Making things even better is the fact that the comfort level is absolutely off the charts. If you want to have the best duvet for your bed then you've come to the right place.

Here are the best Egyptian cotton duvet covers.

1200 Thread Count Three Piece King Size White Stripe Set

If you want luxury, style, and comfort to all meet at the same point then that is exactly what you will get with this stunning duvet set.

This set includes one duvet cover that measures at 106” by 92” and two king pillow shams that measure at 20” by 36”.

This beautiful white striped duvet set features buttons at the footer that will slip over your current comforter to create a luxurious look like you would not believe.

King 600 Thread Count Solid White Egyptian Cotton Duvet Cover

If you are not a fan of stripes then this solid white duvet cover might be for you.

This features a thread count of 600, which is relatively low for Egyptian cotton but it still stands that you are buying an incredibly comfortable piece for your bed set.

This duvet cover is made for king sized beds and offers a beautifully simplistic look for those who like that kind of style.

Hotel Luxury Duvet Cover Set

If you want to have a top notch duvet cover set that brings all of the luxury of a five star hotel to your bedroom.

This beautiful duvet cover set comes in both King and Queen sizes. It features a thread count of 1500, which is phenomenal and blows most other duvet sets out of the water.

The duvet cover measures at 90” by 90” while the pillow shams measure at 26” by 20”. It comes in a wonderful Taupe color and feels absolutely amazing.

Cambray Linens Hotel Collection Duvet Cover Set

If you want a top quality duvet set then this beautiful, expertly tailored duvet set is what you are looking for.

It is a three piece set that features a duvet cover that measures at 92” by 96” and two pillow shams that measure at 20” by 26”.

This beautifully simplistic set is edged with a delicate late that makes for a wonderful, yet subtle, embellishment.

UFO Home Three Piece Duvet Cover Set

If you want a duvet set that comes in a beautiful and classy gray color then this beautiful three piece set from UFO Home is what you need.

This gorgeous set features a duvet cover and two pillow shams. The duvet cover measures at 79” by 91” if you go with the full sized option. The Queen sized option measures in at 87” by 94” while the pillow covers measure at 19” and 29”.

This is a wonderful and elegant set that is going to add a great deal of style to any bedroom.

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