The Best Egyptian Cotton Towels

Our 10 Best Egyptian Cotton Towels Of 2017

Egyptian cotton is the only fabric with the absorbency, the look, the feel, and the fluffiness that you expect out of a luxury item.

We picked the best ones and have them listed for your convenience.


Egyptian cotton is long staple cotton and that means many more washes before anything starts to degrade. Proper care is necessary, however.


When judging a towel's absorbency, you're looking for its GSM rating. The higher the rating, the more absorbent they are, but the longer they will take to dry. The towels that are generally the highest are around 900 GSM; the lowest is around 300 GSM.

Sometimes a low GSM towel is okay, though, such as for kitchen towels or beach towels. But bath towels should be over 400-600 GSM.


The higher the GSM, the softer the towel is. Choose a high GSM towel if you enjoy a soft, cushy towel after a bath, then slip into an Egyptian cotton bathrobe and experience a total luxury bath experience everyday.

What Are Bath Sheets?

Bath sheets are oversized towels; they are typically 35”x60”, which means that it wraps around you much easier than a normal sized towel. If you need a larger towel than normal, look for bath sheets instead of towels.

Here are the 10 best Egyptian cotton towels below.

Gram 3-Piece Egyptian Cotton Towel Set

A beautiful way to update any bathroom in your home. This set comes with a super soft and very large bath towel, a hand towel, and a face towel. One of the best Egyptian cotton towel sets on the market for an affordable price.

You can experience the soft and thick feel of 100% Egyptian cotton in the comfort of your own home with this towel set. It is an one of a kind towel set that will last you for years to come.

Not only it is it made from the best cotton, but it is absolutely beautiful and the perfect addition to any bathroom in your home. A towel set that is absorbent, durable and does not fade.

This super soft luxurious Egyptian cotton towel set is available in a variety of different colors, so you can be sure that your towel set matches your bathroom perfectly.

Bamboo Collection Egyptian Cotton Towel Set

This beautifully soft 100% Egyptian cotton six piece set is made of the highest quality cotton that Egypt has to offer. It is long lasting and incredibly durable. A great finishing touch for any bathroom in your home.

This six piece Egyptian towel set includes two super soft bath towels, two hand towels, and two washcloths. Made with 100% Egyptian cotton, this Bamboo collection towel set is made to last for years to come.

By far the best 100 percent Egyptian cotton towel set that I have ever had the pleasure of using! This six piece set is great for a couples wedding shower gift or even a Holiday gift. With this towel set, you can get out of the shower knowing that you can dry off with one of the towels in existence!

This six piece set includes two bath towels – 28″x56″, two hand towels – 16″x28″, and two washcloths – 12″x12″.

Luxury Spa Collection - 3 Piece Egyptian Cotton Set

This luxury spa three piece Egyptian cotton towel set is 100% genuine Egyptian cotton. Is is by far one of the best towel sets that I have ever had the pleasure of purchasing.

Comfortably wrap yourself in the most beautiful and soft towel that you have ever seen and felt in your life. Both washing machine and dryer friendly, you rest assured that your one of kind towel set will last you for years to come! This towel set does not peal or shed, leaving you with that hotel quality softness after every wash!

The best towel set for your money, you cannot go wrong with a towel set like this one! Amazing quality and amazing comfort.

This 100% Egyptian cotton towel set includes one bath towel – 30″x54″, one hand towel – 13″x30″, and one face towel – 13″x13″.

Luxurious Egyptian Cotton 6-piece Towel Set

This luxury Egyptian cotton towel set comes in my absolute favorite color; chocolate. It is one hundred percent Egyptian cotton and one of the softest sets of towels that I have ever felt in my life.

It absorbs and drys quickly, thus allowing you save time when it comes to getting out of the shower and drying off. With this luxury Egyptian cotton set, you can experience a hotel feel in the comfort of your own home.

Washer and dryer safe, you can rest easy knowing that you will have these towels for years to come! Not only is this Egyptian cotton towel set both soft and beautiful, but it will not fade in the washing machine! A towel set that is fit for a king, and you can have it in your home today!

This towel set includes: Two bath towels – 30″x55″, two hand towels – 20″x30″, and two face towels – 13″x13″.

Perpetua 6 Piece Egyptian Cotton Towel Set

A beautiful one hundred percent cotton towel set with a ribbed border is a must have for any and every bathroom in your home.

Beautifully crafted, this Perpetua six piece Egyptian cotton towel set makes the perfect gift for anyone! They are super absorbent and give you that hotel softness every time you step out of the shower! A luxurious comfort that you can wrap your self in each night without having to worry about it's soft feel going away.

Not only are these towels super soft and lavishing, but they are one hundred percent washer and dryer friendly! So you can rest assured that your towels will remain soft and beautiful no matter how many times you wash them! The best towel set that you can find, for a price that you can afford.

Finally, a royal towel experience that you can have in the comfort of your own home!

This towel set includes: two washcloths – 13″x13″, two hand towels – 16″x30″, and two bath towels – 30″x56″.

Six Piece Heavy Weight Egyptian Cotton Towel Set

With this six piece heavy weight Egyptian cotton towel set, you will feel like a Royal.

Experience an ultra absorbent feel each time you get out of the bath. There is nothing quite like getting out of the shower and getting that super soft feel every time!

Not only is this towel set 100% Egyptian cotton and super absorbent, but it also available in a variety of vibrant colors! Giving you the option to beautifully update any bathroom in your home by simply adding a few new bath towels!

Don't worry about the color of your Egyptian cotton towels fading, they are one hundred percent safe to wash in your washing machine and will not fade! So you can rest easy knowing that your Heavy Weight Egyptian cotton towel set will still look just as beautiful after each wash as it did the day you got them.

This towel set includes: two bath towels, two hand towels, and two face towels.

Solano Collection 100% Egyptian Cotton Customized Luxury Bath Towel Set

One of the best Egyptian cotton towel sets out there, this towel set is made with the highest quality cotton in Egypt. Made not only to show class and elegance, but to offer a soft and absorbent feel with each touch!

This towel set is both durable and customizable. These towels can be embroidered with your choosing of monogram and a perfect gift for someone during the holiday season. It also makes a great gift for those that are getting married.

Made with the finest Egyptian cotton, this towel set was designed to make any bathroom in your home feel like The Four Seasons! I bought this towel set for myself a few months back, and it was by far the best decision that I have ever made in my life!

Keep in mind that these towels are a little larger than most. However, they will make your bathroom look incredible! Especially with a customized monogram!

Luxury Spa 100% Egyptian Cotton 2 Piece Bath Towel Collection

There is nothing more perfect than being able to get out of the shower and wrap yourself in a ball of softness.

Experience the one hundred percent genuine Egyptian cotton against your skin after each shower. Wrapping yourself with towel set is like wrapping a cloud around you. There is no better feeling and it only gets better after each wash!

You don't have to worry about it pealing or shedding because it is completely washer and dryer friendly! This two piece towel set is two full body bath towels and defiantly worth the money that you will spend on them!

Indulge in the softness and comfort of this hotel like towel set in the comfort of your own home for a price that you can afford! There is really no other towel set like it!

You don't have to be rich to feel like a Royal after bath time!

Fine Plush Luxurious 100% Egyptian Cotton 6pc Towel Set

This one hundred percent imported Egyptian cotton towel set is one of the most elegant towel sets there is.

It is made from the finest Egyptian cotton and the softest towel set that I have ever felt before in my life. Unlike most towels, this very fluffy and absorbent towel set comes with care instructions.

No bleach, only soft detergents in lukewarm water, and only with light color towels are just a few of the many instructions when it comes to this towel set. While it is a little more difficult to care for this towel set, it is the best towel set that you will find!

This towel set is made to last.

It is made to stay soft and keep its color even after being washed often. I purchased this towel set and I must say, it is well worth the money spent on it. I even purchased a set for my daughter for her dorm room!

This set includes two hand towels, two wash cloths and two bath towels.

Winter Park Bath Sheet

This Winter Park bath sheet is made with one hundred percent genuine Egyptian cotton.

With superior quality, this bath sheet is not only think, but it is super absorbent and soft. This bath sheet is 40″x72″ and a prime example of a perfect bath sheet.

I must admit, this bath sheet looks great in my newly painted guest bathroom! This bath sheet was designed for luxury. To make each time you wrap yourself in this bath sheet to feel like the first time, every time. Wrapping your body in this bath sheet is like wrapping yourself in a warm blanket, fresh out the dryer. It gives you a cozy and comfortable feeling that you just can't explain.

There are no scratchy designs, just pure smoothness every time it touches your skin. This bath sheet is a little on the pricey side, but it is made from the best Egyptian cotton in Egypt and was made to last you for years to come!

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