Are Egyptian Cotton Towels or Turkish Cotton Towels Superior?

If you were to ask someone who was knowledgeable about different cloths and materials then you would most likely hear the opinion that Egyptian cotton is the best material in the world. However, it needs to be said that there are exceptions to every rule and while the idea of having all of our clothing or towels be Egyptian cotton sounds appealing the truth is that it is possible that Egyptian cotton is not suited for absolutely everything.

When it comes to towels, Egyptian cotton actually has a rival that some people claim works better. That rival is Turkish cotton. The rivalry is not exactly an intense one, there are simply some people who prefer what Turkish cotton has to offer.

If you are an avowed Egyptian cotton fan but are curious about what Turkish cotton has to offer then here are some of the main differences and similarities between the two and why you may prefer one over the other.

Egyptian Cotton

With Egyptian cotton you are dealing with a material that is created under a very specific set of circumstances. You have a cotton plant that is grown in the humid atmosphere and high heat of Egypt. This gets even more specific when you talk about Giza cotton, which has access to pure, clean water from the Nile river. This makes it very rare by comparison to other cottons that are out there.

The conditions that Egyptian cotton grows in allows for the cotton to develop long, durable fibers which is what creates the amazing final product (and not thread count, as is often claimed by other manufacturers).

Turkish Cotton

Turkish cotton is similar to Egyptian cotton in that it is a unique product of its own climate. It also has long, tough strands. However, the strands are not quite as long as that of Egyptian cotton and the threads are much smoother.

This leads to a cotton that is not quite as absorbent as Egyptian cotton. This may sound like a negative for a towel but there is more to be considered.

Egyptian Cotton Towels

If you want to know what towel is best then you need to look at the context in which the towel is used. This may seem like a cop out answer but the truth is that if you are looking for a towel that is perfect for bath time, cleaning up spills, or for general day to day use then you cannot do better than an Egyptian cotton towel.

An Egyptian cotton towel is perfect for your home and for most uses you would have for it.

You may now be thinking that Egyptian cotton towels are easily the winner…however, it is not that cut and dry. While Egyptian cotton towels are fantastic they do have some flaws.

First of all, if you use an Egyptian cotton towel for cleaning you need to make sure that you do not put it in contact with anything that will stain. You also need to be sure to wring out any excess moisture when you are done or you will find yourself dealing with mildew.

Turkish Cotton Towels

On the other end of the spectrum we have Turkish cotton towels. Right off the bat you will notice that Turkish cotton towels are incredibly light. This makes them perfect for traveling and carrying them around. Where Turkish cotton towels really thrive is in activities that you may do away from the home.

For example, a towel that is highly absorbent is what you want when getting out of the bathtub, but it is not that desirable when you are getting out of a swimming pool or when you are swimming at the beach. For those occasions you want a towel that you can use to simply wipe away the excess water.

The fact of the matter is that Turkish cotton towels are designed for hotter climates. They are the perfect thing to use when you are on the go and do not want to be bogged down. They also do not take on mildew easily, which is a major plus.

So Which One Is Best?

The truth is that Egyptian cotton is slightly superior to Turkish cotton and is your best bet nine out of ten times, whether it's sheets, blankets, duvet covers or towels.

Turkish cotton still has its place and advantages that make it desirable. So while you definitely want to have Egyptian cotton towels in your home, having a couple Turkish cotton towels on hand for travel definitely could not hurt, and could save you some money.

At the end of the day you should always go with your own personal preferences when choosing towels. Choose based on your needs. So long as you stick to this line of thinking you will be able to enjoy your towels to their fullest.