Why Get An Egyptian Cotton Baby Blanket

When you have a baby you want to be sure that they are completely and totally comfortable. You make sure their bedding is soft but safe. You make sure they have comfortable pajamas. If there is one thing that is incredibly important to all parents who want to treat their babies with the best it would have to be the baby's blanket.

A baby's blanket is a very special thing. It is something that many parents like to save and some adults even like to hang on to their own baby blankets to pass down to their children. If you want to ensure that your baby's blanket is the best possible then you need to make sure it is made of Egyptian cotton. Here are some reasons why Egyptian cotton makes for an absolutely perfect baby blanket.

Unrivaled Quality

It needs to be said: Egyptian cotton is possibly the best material on the planet. If you want a material that will make your baby comfortable and happy then this material simply cannot be beat. You will find that getting your baby to sleep is a cinch because they will not spend a lot of time squirming around to get comfortable.

Better Breathing

One of the most important things to look out for in any blanket is that of how well it breathes. Breathing is a term that simply describes how well the material allows for airflow without sacrificing overall warmth. If a blanket does not breathe properly it may keep you very warm, but it may also overheat in time and offer no real relief while a blanket that breathes will maintain its temperature relatively well.

Many people will go for a baby blanket that is made with synthetic materials. Unfortunately these are actually uncomfortable for the baby in spite of how soft and warm such blankets may feel. This is because most blankets that are made with synthetic material are essentially heat traps. This is largely because they are so tightly wound together and because synthetic materials simply do not breathe well.

Egyptian cotton on the other hand breathes exceptionally well. This is due to the fact that it features long fibers as opposed to a large number of fibers. This helps the fabric to breathe better. This is desirable because it means that you are less likely to have a fussy baby in the middle of the night.

These simple issues and benefits apply to all products made with it. Where it's Egyptian cotton duvet covers, sheets, blankets or clothing, your little one will have a much better experience with Egyptian cotton products.


Think about everything that a baby does to their blanket. They bite them, they puke on them, they will occasionally even poop on them. If it was a cheap and raggedy throwaway blanket this would not be a big deal. However, in the case of Egyptian cotton you want to know whether or not your investment is protected.

The good news is that Egyptian cotton is fantastic in terms of overall durability. It is able to easily put up with the general wear and tear that comes with taking care of a baby. You may not want to use it as a burp cloth or for diaper time, however, as Egyptian cotton blankets are slightly more easily stained than synthetic fabrics. Other than that you can expect your Egyptian cotton baby blanket to perform exceptionally well in regards to durability.

The durability factor is extremely important because it increases the likelihood that your baby will grow up with the blanket and be able to save it for later on down the line when they have their own baby or babies. If you properly take care of an Egyptian cotton baby blanket then there is no real telling how long it could last!

All Natural Product

One of the most important reasons why an Egyptian cotton blanket for your baby is such a good idea is the fact Egyptian cotton is made through an organic process rather than synthetic blankets which are, at best, a cheap blend of different materials.

This means that you do not have to worry about any unnatural chemical treatments coming into contact with your baby or any nasty surprises when you go to do your laundry. Instead you simply have a blanket with natural coloring and natural material that your baby can snuggle up with.

Added Bonuses

There are some additional bonuses. The softness level of the blanket will certainly endear it to the baby over time and give them plenty of wonderful memories. Another benefit is the fact that the fibers on Egyptian cotton are very smooth. This decreases (though does not eliminate) the potential for choking.

Cozy Bed Baby Blanket

This gorgeous baby blanket features a wonderful texture that should help to add warmth and an extra level of comfort for your baby. On top of that, the texture will help spark your baby's curiosity due to how different it is from other fabrics they are usually in contact with.

Peacock Alley Baby Blanket

This blanket features a beautiful blue color with a tasteful white trim. It does not feature much in the way of texture, but that simply adds to its elegant charm.