Getting Body Fluids Out Of Your Linens

beige egyptian cotton sheets

Accidents can happen on your sheets. You spend a lot of time on them. In fact, statistically speaking it can be expected that you will spend one third of your life sleeping. This means that you are probably going to stain them at some point. Blood and other bodily fluids can be tough stains, especially on expensive Egyptian cotton sheets. This is because Egyptian cotton is durable and delicate.

How To Get The Stain Out

Getting the stain out is just about knowing what to do. You need to be sure to treat the stain as quickly as possible in order to lower the chances of permanent staining.

Here you will find how to treat one of the most difficult stains, a nose bleed. A nose bleed doesn’t need to leave long term stains. If you can treat a nose bleed then you can treat just about any other form of bodily fluid effectively. Blood is one of the most formidable bodily fluids to contend with so any other kind of stain should be a piece of cake afterward.

Get Out The Hydrogen Peroxide

The most important thing that you need to have on hand to clean up the stain is hydrogen peroxide. In addition to being a staple in any home medical kit, hydrogen peroxide dissolves body fluids on contact. This makes it ideal for cleaning up the stain from a nosebleed, especially if you are able to get to it before the fluid has time to dry. Grab your hydrogen peroxide and pull the sheets from the bed. Pour the peroxide directly on the stain.

Rinse It Real Good

Rinse the stain, and repeat if there is still some of it left. Immediately launder the sheets after stain removal. This is one of the most important steps because it helps ensure that no remaining residue or staining will remain on the sheets. If you have followed all of the previous steps to the letter and have done so in a timely manner then there is a very good chance that you have prevented any permanent discoloration.

Remember that having a good set of Egyptian cotton linens in your home is the equivalent of an investment. It is an investment in the style and décor of your home so you should be sure to treat the linens with the proper amount of care and consideration. If you want to get the most use out of your linens then make sure that any spills, bleeds, or stains are cleaned up in a timely, efficient manner.