How To Fold A Fitted Sheet

There are some things that every able bodied and able minded adult should be able to do. An adult should be able to pay their bills. They should be able to cook for themselves. And they should know how to fold a fitted sheet. You may think that being able to fold a fitted sheet is no big deal. After all, a fitted sheet is difficult to fold and all you really need to do is roll it up, right? Wrong.

If you have a nice fitted sheet, perhaps one made from Egyptian cotton, then you are doing it a major disservice by not properly folding it. When you improperly fold an Egyptian cotton sheet, or if you skip folding it altogether, then you will let it get wrinkled. This may not seem like a big deal but the condition of the sheet will worsen over time if it is allowed to stay wrinkled. On top of that, learning how to fold a fitted sheet is a skill that a spouse, future or current, may appreciate. With that said, here are the main steps you need to follow to properly fold a fitted sheet.


1. Hold the sheet inside out, grabbing the inner corners of the shorter side of the sheet, letting the excess hang away from you.

2. Bring your hands together, allowing the sheet walls to be in the inside of the fold.  At this time, you have all the sheet walls laying flat inside, with the sheet folded in half.  Egyptian cotton sheets will hold this fold better.

3. Fold the sheet over carefully, making a smaller square that lets the walls continue to lay inside the folds.

4. Lay the sheet out onto a large table, continue to fold carefully until small.

5. Fold the flat sheet and lay on top of the fitted sheet.

6. Slide both into a pillowcase to keep them together and folded.

The important thing that you need to remember is that knowing how to properly fold a fitted sheet is a life skill. You may not think that it is very important, and in the grand scheme of things it probably isn't. However there is always value in learning a new skill, especially if you intend to have a spouse in the future as they may find proper folding to be a necessity.