The Best Luxury Bathrobes

If you’re looking for luxury, you’ve come to the right place. Whether it’s at home or on a trip, you can bring quite a few of your luxurious items with you. These items will bring comfort and enjoyment to your life that not very many people can afford. In this day and age, it’s almost a necessity. Luxury comes in all shapes and sizes, from bedding, to vehicles, to the very robes you may enjoy in the night life.

Robes have been in use for hundreds of years for all sorts of events and enjoyments, from the Chinese emperors who wore robes of silk to show their strength, to the robes of graduation ceremonies that show success. Bath robes have been more and more common over the past century, making it a wonderful nighttime addition to help us relax and prepare for bed.

Why a robe?

Even if you haven’t taken a bath, robes are some of the most comforting garments that money can afford. They can come in all shapes and sizes as well as colors and materials. Normally, bathrobes were seen as more of a feminine thing, but they’re so comfortable that men have taken up wearing them as well—even children!

Most of them are relatively cheap, but if you want real luxury, you’ll have to lay down quite a few clams. There are some robes made out of the cheap wool and other materials, but there are also Egyptian cotton and silk robes as well. Just like bed sheets, different types of cotton have different qualities. The more money you put down on a robe, the more you will enjoy it as a general rule, but there are caveats.

Not only can you enjoy these, however, they make a great gift for anyone. Friends, family, strangers… anyone can use one!

Not only that, a new one will always trump a used one, so this gift is not usually disliked. People of all cultures across the world can enjoy a luscious robe, whether it’s for the bath or not.

What makes a robe?

While it depends entirely on the type of material you prefer, there are multiple different factors that can help you decide on what to buy. There are a few key factors that can determine the quality and luxury of your robes.


  • Cotton

This is what we’re all about here—these natural fibers can be woven into beautiful and comfortable material and make up quite a bit of the world’s clothing today. It is widely popular and a great choice for a robe.

  • Wool

While not the most common, wool robes will keep you warm during colder weather. It’s usually a seasonal wear, but it does the job if you ever need to keep toasty on a cold winter night.

  • Silk

While relatively expensive, silk is one of the most comfortable materials out there. These hypoallergenic proteins made from silkworms will not only provide you with a relaxing night, it will also keep your skin healthy and keep your allergies down.

  • Microfiber and Nylon

These are the cheaper of the spectrum, made from synthetic fibers usually made to feel like silk. They are usually made from polyester or cellulose and are incredibly light to assist in comfort.


  • Flannel

While not the most common type of robe, there are many wool and cotton robes made like this. They are loosely spun threads of yarn that are normally soft and better-insulating.

  • Terry

This type of weave is one of the more common for legitimate bathrobes. They are composed of towel-like material with tiny loops of cotton that are usually absorbent of moisture.

  • Velour

This is another type of woven cloth that normally has terry weave inside. These robes are considered a bit more luxurious and comfortable than others, but are still below Egyptian cotton and silk.

  • Waffle

This is one of the more common weaves of robes, having a waffle-like pattern along the surface. It is highly moisture-resistant and is sought after for its light weight.

Which robe is best?

The answer to this question is highly dependent on you. Everyone has their own preference, and each of these materials and weaves can provide a wonderful, long-lasting robe that you can wear nightly.

There are many different combinations, but as the old saying goes, you get what you pay for. If you want to live in the lap of luxury for many nights to come, it’s always a better idea to drop a few more bucks.

Silk is one of the better materials to get when it comes to robes, but we wouldn’t turn down a good cotton robe.

The silk comes with hypoallergenic and temperature-regulating qualities, which means that it will prevent allergens from clinging and will adhere to the temperature of your body, making it feel almost as if it wasn’t there.

Again, it’s completely up to you, but these are some fine recommendations as well.

For Women

Old Shanghai Women's Silk Kimono Short Robe

This Japanese-style hand-painted set of women’s robes are one of the best around the market. The beautiful material is hand-painted with different flowers and cherry blossoms that can make you the talk of the town. Being made of 100% silk is nothing to laugh at and the tie-down front will make it feel like a real, authentic kimono.

This is one of the highest-rated robes for women on the market at the moment. With hundreds of positive reviews, people are buying two or three more to sate their needs. It is a robe that considers most sizes, being one size fits most, and is able to comfortably fit women of 43” waist and hips and is 37” inches in length.

Colors: Cherry Blossom—Black, Mist, Navy, Plum, Teal, and White. Crane—Black, Plum, Teal. Peacock Black.

UGG Women’s Duffield Robe

While not made of silk, this robe is made from a few different materials, including polyester, cotton, and spandex. It has hundreds of great reviews, where people are saying that it is one of the highest-quality robes they’ve ever worn. Coming in multiple colors and sizes, there’s a fit for all women where “one size fits all” doesn’t do justice.

It is lined with fleece pile lines inside the robe, which will be soft and comfortable against your skin. A shawl collar keeps weight off your chest and the belt closure keeps it secure. The sizes range from small to extra-large and are all machine washable.

Colors: Cream, Navy Heather, Oatmeal Heather, Port Heather, Charcoal, Dark Pajama Blue Heather.

TexereSilk Women's Luxury Long Silk Bathrobe

If you prefer a longer robe than the ones above, there’s a beautiful selection from TexereSilk that will be comfortable on any level. These 100% silk robes will make you feel as if you’re resting on a cloud, able to cover most of your body in the luscious feel of lightweight material. Living in the lap of luxury will be apparent when wearing these robes.

They come with side pockets for easy storage in the night time, whether it’s for a remote control or some extra cloths, a belt to wrap around to hold it together, and an inside modesty tie to better cover up your more personal areas. Coming in multiple sizes, you’ll be able to find a great robe for yourself or for a gift.

Colors: Black, Divine Blue, Grape, Mulberry.

Barefoot Dreams Cozychic Heathered Robe

While being made of polyester, these robes are microfiber and will keep you warm and dry on a cooler night. It’s perfect to wear after a long shower or bath that will lull you into a sleep better than you may have had before. It is a beautiful and elegant robe that anyone can add to their wardrobe and feel good about, even if it’s not silk.

This robe comes with a belt tie to secure it around your waist and is machine washable. Multiple great reviews from buying customers sign its praises about its coziness and enjoyment. The durability of the robe boasts three to five years of use. Multiple sizes mean perfect fits for any woman of any size.

Colors: Dusty Rose, Graphite, Ocean, Stone.

Arus Women's Soft Twist Turkish Cotton Bathrobe

If you have some luxurious hair that you want to keep protected and dry, then you should look for a robe with a hood on it. With this ankle-length robe, it will cover almost all of your body. The hood will keep your hair from drying in strange positions while keeping you warm while drying it. It is made of 100% Turkish terry cotton, making it thoroughly absorptive and comfortable.

This robe is machine washable, measures out to most ankles, and comes in various sizes to fit the most women of most sizes. The sleeves are long, but are turn-back cuffs, leaving it capable of rolling up your arm if it’s a particularly warm day.

Colors: Burgundy, Navy Blue, Pink, Sky Blue, White.

Warm Things Quilted Down Robe

Have a favorite quilt that you might enjoy while in bed? Well, if you enjoy that sort of pattern, this unique robe has its own quilted down texture! Made of 100% cotton, this 300-thread robe is extremely soft and breathable. While not the most cool, it will insulate your body and keeps your body heat in, making it an exceptional robe to wear during colder weather.

This robe comes in multiple sizes and the sewn-through stitching keeps the fill evenly distributed. It has two sets of ties and a padded belt to keep it securely around your body, keeping you warm and private. It is machine washable on gentle settings, but hang it to dry to maintain durability. This robe isn’t the lightest, but it will keep you warm!

Colors: Orchid, Turquoise, Bluette, Burgundy, Grey, Navy.

For Men

Arus Men's Turkish Cotton Bathrobe

Arus knows both men and women, so they’ve made some robes especially for the masculine side of things. Made in Turkey, this 100% Turkish terry cotton will dry your body and keep you warm with the best of comfort. These high-grade cotton fibers will keep you in comfort with unmatched absorbency. It feels similar to a soft towel to increase enjoyment after a hot shower or bath.

Coming in multiple sizes, this bathrobe is machine washable and dryable, coming with a full-length size and hood to cover your hair. It’s a bit on the heavier side, but it will feel great and keep you warm after your enjoyable shower. Multiple sizes will supply the smallest or biggest guy with proper covering.

Colors: Black, Burgundy, Brown, Green, Navy, White.

Maghso Egyptian Cotton Bath Robe with Collar

While not exactly specifically for men, this unisex robe fits both men and women. We here at Luxury of the Pharaohs absolutely love Egyptian cotton and this robe is made from the best. They are 100% Egyptian cotton imported from Egypt and will leave you feeling better than ever, especially after a warm bath or shower.

These robes have shawl collars, long sleeves, two patch pockets, and a belt around the waist that ties it to you. Even though it’s considered one size fits all, it is about 50” from shoulder to hem. With multiple good reviews, this robe is one of the best Egyptian cotton robes on the market.

Colors: White, Ivory, Brown.

Intimo Men's Classic Silk Robe

Silk isn’t just for the ladies! Emperors and kings wore silk quite often in the old days, so there’s nothing wrong with wanting to feel like royalty. These silk robes will do the trick. They are lightweight and luxurious, able to show off how much of a man you really are. You’ll be the talk of your friends and family (should they see you in your bedroom clothes)!

These robes come with a tie sash belt to keep them from falling off and have three front-patch pockets to hold your necessities, be it a smartphone, remote, or something else. Caring for silk is tricky business, so you may want to refer to this page to assist in silk upkeep. These robes come in multiple sizes, so check the size chart and get yours!

Colors: Red, Navy, Black, Maroon.

Kingsize Men's Big & Tall Terry Velour Kimono Robe

Sometimes it’s difficult to find clothes for the larger guys, especially robes. Luckily, true to its name, KingSize brings to us a set of big and tall robes. Made for the larger men of the world, these sets of robes are made of a cotton-polyester blend that makes it highly absorbent and comfortable. Going all the way up to 3XL, you will be able to find any comfortable fit.

These robes come in a kimono-style robe, where the sleeves hang far from your arms. It is three-quarters of the length of your arm and has double belt loops with a belt attached. They come in various sizes and have a large amount of good reviews from satisfied customers.

Colors: Black, Navy, Gunmetal.

Men's Flannel Robe

If you want something more traditional and warm for your nights to come, you might be interested in a warm, soft flannel robe to keep you cozy. Made of 100% cotton flannel from Ireland, these old-style robes will do the job of keeping you in comfort. It makes a great housecoat regardless of bath or shower and its durability will last for years.

This robe is made with an interior tie to keep the robe secure and closed around your body, along with an exterior tie to keep it snug. Multiple sizes make it a good choice for any guy of any shape and size. Although sized for men, this robe can be for men and women alike.

Colors: Purple Tartan, Red Tartan, Red/White Check, Green Tartan.

For Children

TowelSelections Boys Robe

Even kids wear robes now! Don’t exclude them from the comfort that you’re enjoying. These specially-sized boys’ robes will not only be fun, but it may help them relax more at night, aiding in getting them to bed on time! These robes are soft, warm, and very plush, coming with hoods to keep their hair dry and their head warm after getting a warm bath or shower.

Multiple sizes means that kids from 37-42 pounds up to 91-102 pounds can wear these robes. Of course, every child is different, so be sure to check the size chart. They are 100% polyester fleece from turkey, providing some of the most luxurious bath robes in the world.

Colors: Hunter Green, Tangerine, Charcoal, Navy, Red, Azure Blue, Mint Leaf.

TowelSelections Girls Robe

On the other side of the field, we have TowelSelections coming with girls’ robes as well! They are very similar to the boy’s style, but come in a few lighter shades of color and smaller cuts. Be sure to check the size chart and measure your children for an accurate fit. Either way, these fleece bathrobes will keep your child in the lap of luxury along with you!

These bathrobes are about knee-length and come in five different sizes. It comes with two patch pockets on the outside and has a belt tie to keep the robes to their bodies. Made of 100% polyester fleece, these robes will last for a long time.

Colors: Charcoal, Hunter Green, Lavender, Mint Leaf, Navy, Red, Tangerine, Azure Blue, Hot Pink.

Kids Terry Cloth Robe

These terry cloth robes are great for boys and girls of all shapes and sizes, made of 100% cotton. The terry-style material will prove to be absorbent and comfortable, keeping your child warm after a warm bath or a nice swim in the pool. These robes come with hoods to keep your kid’s ears and head warm while drying their hair.

The robes here come in multiple sizes, so both boys and girls can wear them without trouble. There is a double belt loop for large and extra-large fits for belts, two front pockets, and quality loop terry cloth inside. The outside is made with a velour cut, giving it a luxurious feel both in and out.

Colors: Black, Hot Pink, Navy, Pink, Purple, Red, White, Royal Blue.

EPYA Kids Plush Kimono Fleece Bathrobe

Some kids love crazy and wacky designs on their toys and clothes. Thankfully, there are some luxurious robes that have some pretty crazy designs that will suit both boys and girls alike. These long-sleeved robes will be entertaining and comfortable to all kids who want to wear them. There’s even a hood to keep their ears and head warm when drying their hair.

These robes are machine washable, come with a single belt loop with double-stitched pockets. The robes are made of fleece to keep your child warm and relaxed when wearing it. It is highly absorbent and comes in many different sizes.

Colors: Dark Grey White Blue Wave, Pink Polka Dot, Purple Green Blue Circles, Purple/Pink Heart, Red Yellow Orange Circles, White with Green/Brown Stars, Black/Green Dinosaurs, Green, Purple.

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