Do Memory Foam Pillows Go Flat?

We've all been there: the favorite pillow has died. Whether it's been ripped, torn, contaminated, or it's just simply gone flat, the mental anguish is about the same. You need a new pillow and maybe you can't remember where you bought your old favorite, maybe they're out of business, or maybe you tried buying from them again and the product just wasn't the same. What do?

If you're switching from a fiber or a down/feather filled pillow, you may be curious about how long memory foam pillows last. Do they distort easily? Do they really retain their shape like they should? Do they go flat while you're sleeping at night?

The answers to these questions vary depending on which type of memory foam pillow you get.

The Difference Between Shredded & Solid Memory Foam Pillows

Solid memory foam pillows are great at maintaining their shape throughout the night, but they're probably not for people who like to wrestle their pillow into submission. Sleeping with your arm underneath it defeats the purpose of having a solid foam pillow in the first place.

Pillows stuffed with shredded memory foam are more pliable and while they do tend to remain lofty while you're sleeping, it's possible for them to flatten some. It just doesn't do it very much. Over time, either pillow can flatten a tad, but the shredded memory foam pillow is less likely to do it because it has so many different pieces of foam in it. They can be moved around in so many different configurations that flattening it out is going to take a long time.

Solid memory foam pillows will flatten over a long time because your head lays in the same spot night after night. If you're worried about your pillow flattening, get a shredded memory foam pillow instead.

If you have specialty pillows like the ones designed for side sleepers or people who suffer from neck pain, you may not have the option for shredded memory foam pillows compared to standard memory foam.