Best Giza Cotton Shirts

Many people consider shirts to be relatively disposable things. If the shirt starts falling apart it is simple enough to throw it away and throw another ten to twenty dollars on a new one. This is a testament to the lack of quality that most clothes that are purchased these days have. However, not all clothes are made with cheap materials. If you want to have some fantastic quality clothing then you need to try Giza cotton shirts.

If you have ever seen Giza cotton products in stores then you likely already know that it costs significantly more than similar products made with cheap cotton. This is due to the fact that Giza cotton is a specific type of Egyptian cotton that is typically rated as the highest graded cotton fiber in the world.

What Makes Giza Cotton So Special?

It is one thing to say that a cloth is worth the amount you pay for it, but many companies do not give reason as to why their cotton is worth the price. In the case of Giza cotton it is relatively easy to justify cost. The answer is a combination of rarity, thread fiber length, and the conditions under which it is created.


The first thing that makes Giza cotton high quality is the fact that it is an ELS (extra long staple) variety of cotton. It's the fiber length (or “staple”) of a cotton that gives it its durability and strength over time.

ELS cotton has longer fibers, so it's not as likely to pill as short staple cottons are. The feel of short staple cotton fabrics is rougher than fabrics made of ELS cottons. If you've ever stayed the night in a mid-range to high end hotel, you've slept on ELS cotton sheets before.

The next thing is the environment that that ELS cotton is grown in.

The region it is grown in is close to the Nile. This creates an irrigation system for the plantation. The Nile has clean, fresh water that is relatively unpolluted. As with people, when plants have good quality food and nourishment the plant will ultimately be stronger and more resilient.

What this boils down to is the fact that the Nile River basin is the best place for any cotton to grow. With the characteristics that cotton has, this area is best suited for its continued production. There is simply no better place for cotton to be grown and the fact that the area is so small means that only a certain amount of the highest quality cotton in the world can be made every year.

ELS cotton combined with the climate of the Nile River basin is what gives Giza cotton its world class status.

Thread Fiber Length

You will hear the phrase thread count thrown around quite a bit when it comes to the quality of Egyptian cotton, especially Giza cotton. The truth is that thread count is not nearly as important as the quality of those fibers. The quality of a fiber is best measured by its length. Thread length is what determines the overall durability of the fabric produced from the cotton.

The fibers are also extremely fine to the point that they are unmatched in their uniformity. This is unheard of in any other kind of cotton and is a testament to the quality of the cotton.

Better Breathing

Whether you are wearing a shirt or enjoying a new set of sheets, one this for certain: nobody likes cotton that does not breathe. A shirt that does not breathe tends to feel tighter, feels hotter, and is just uncomfortable all around. When the cotton breathes properly it feels comfortably loose. It has less heat trapped in it, and it can feel amazing.

Due to the thread size and thread-count you have a cotton that has amazing breathing meaning that you can wear it for hours on end and stay relatively cool and comfortable.

All Natural

In this day and age more and more people are concerned about the way that their clothes are made and the processes used to achieve them. There are plenty of synthetic materials out there that can yield comfortable clothes but the truth is that most of these synthetic have severe flaws that keep them from being ideal.

First of all, synthetic clothing is more apt to fall apart than naturally made clothing. This is why synthetic clothing is typically so cheap. That is not to say that synthetic clothing cannot be comfortable or even decent. It simply means that there is a serious trade off when you choose to buy clothes that are synthetically made.

It also needs to be said that synthetically made clothing is significantly more flammable than Giza cotton. The fully natural process and material means that you are not getting any of the flammable chemical additives that are typically included in synthetic clothing.

Beware of Scammers

It needs to be said that Giza cotton, and Egyptian cotton of any kind, is at the center of a major scamming operation. Everywhere you go you are likely to see stores advertising Egyptian cotton products.

The truth is that the majority of the businesses advertising Egyptian cotton products are usually not selling the real thing. At best some of them may be selling a cotton blend that has some Egyptian cotton in it, but does not feature 100% Egyptian cotton construction.

You need to be careful and keep your eyes peeled to make sure you are buying the real thing. Something that helps is to ask the seller some basic questions about the cotton and if they cannot answer those questions then you have likely found a fake. There is usually a means with which you can verify the quality of your shirts or sheets.

Here are the best Giza cotton shirts below.

Zingfinity Sargent Cotton Dress Shirt

This Zingfiniti Sargent giza cotton shirt is gorgeous. It features an elegant design with a light blue undertone. This shirt is made by a team of skilled craftspeople. It has a wonderful casual look while having all of the quality and refinement that you would come to expect from a more formal piece of attire.

Thomas Mason Goldline Blue Cotton Dress Shirt

This Thomas Mason giza 45 cotton shirt is gorgeous. It features an elegant design with a light blue undertone. This shirt is made by a team of skilled craftspeople. It has a wonderful casual look while having all of the quality and refinement that you would come to expect from a more formal piece of attire.

Mill 8 Wabash in Blue Harvard Stripe Shirt

This blue striped Egyptian Giza cotton shirt is available in multiple different fits and neck sizes. Get it styled just the way you want, including getting the cuffs, sleeves, and collar perfect. Mill No.8 is known for its high quality products and you won't be disappointed getting your dress shirts here.

Giza cotton is a glorious fabric. There is no equal for it in terms of bridging quality and comfort. If you want to experience the finest clothing in the world then you need to start with the finest cloth in the world, Giza cotton.